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Start feeling confident, stronger and happier and stop feeling embarrassed, tired and unmotivated!

Why chose Barrie Mark Personal Training?

Friendly & Supportive

Become part of a fun, non judgemental, friendly and super supportive fitness community.

Others Just Like You

Exercise with others just like you in an inclusive environment with zero egos and zero intimidating  atmosphere like typical high street gyms.


Be guided at every step of your health and fitness journey by our knowledgeable, experienced and friendly fitness experts who are by your side in every session you attend.

What Carlisle Ladies Are Saying About PT Program.

Marti irving  - Carlisle

"I Feel Fitter and Stronger Than Ever Before"

BMPT is like one big family. The members encourage each other to do their best within the sessions and the trainers are great as they give you attention and care to make sure you feel safe and that you're achieving something when exercising. Over the years being here i've got stronger, improved my fitness and now feel like my training and health is in a much better place. I love it at BMPT!

anne dalton  - CARLISLE 

"The community of members are all so welcoming, friendly and supportive"

The best gym that's not a gym! 

BMPT is much more than the average gym, the training and support you get is more than what I expected to get. The community of members are all so welcoming, friendly and supportive. I class members as family that's how much care i have for them!

Liz F - Carlisle

"I've made friends for life all because of BMPT!"

"I was looking to join a gym that would help and support me in all different aspects of my life. At BMPT you get treated as an individual by a team of trainers who care for what's best for you, they don't force their own judgements or beliefs onto you. The members are great infact they're what makes BMPT the place it is today, I've made friends for life all because I took that first step of walking through the doors at BMPT, I've never looked back! "

Meet Your PT Team

We've been training residents in Carlisle for over 16 years now, that's right, since 2007 and we have a proven track record of getting our clients the results they truly deserve

Josh Nicholson

Head Personal TRAINER

Rachel Goodwin


Sarah Pratt 

PT & Client Socials Manager 

Why You Should Choose the Fit & Fabulous Program For Your Fitness Needs?

  • Benefit 1
    We'll help you get stronger, move better and look better in your day to day life and have way more energy.
  • Benefit 2
    Be coached by a Personal Trainer on every visit to our gym so you can reach your health and fitness goals safely and effectively.
  • Benefit 3
    Meet great people and make new friends who will help and support you on your journey.

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